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Course Selections


Course selection occurs in February of each year.  Student assemblies and parent meetings will be held for information and questions.  Guidance counsellors and classroom teachers will be available to answer questions.  Forms will be sent home with students to indicate their course selections and based on those selections, a master school timetable will be built.  β€‹


MCI Graduation Planning.pdf



Each year students will have a certain number of required courses students must take as set by the Province of Manitoba.  Within these courses, students may still need to select which stream they choose.  For example, they may want English or French Immersion delivery when available.  Or a students will need to  choose to take grade 10 Essential math or grade 10 Introduction to Pre-Calculus and Applied Math (or both) but are only required by the province to take one grade 10 math.  More information on this will be provided at the information sessions.


In addition to those required courses, we offer a variety of elective courses students can fill their schedule with.  These courses are offered based on teacher availability and student interest and are not guaranteed each year.  On the course selection sheet, we will ask that students indicate their desired electives as well as an additional 3 electives in case we are not able to offer the course or there is a schedule conflict that does not allow students to be registered in their requested elective course.  All electives indicated on the course selection sheet should be marked 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. in order of most wanted.  #1 is the elective they really want down to the 5, 6, or, 7 that they are interested in.  We will try to accommodate all student requests but due to scheduling, we are not able to make any guarantees on their actual course registrations.  More information on this will be provided at the information sessions.


Through the partnership with the Red River Technical Vocational Program, students at Morden Collegiate are able to participate in various vocational programs throughout the region such as Welding, Piping Trades, Auto Mechanics, Culinary, Carpentry, etc.  Please see a Guidance Counsellor for more information.​


In grade 11 and 12, students have access to spares/unscheduled classes through the day.  Students can request these to be added to their schedule on their course selection form.  While students can indicate a semester preference for their spares, we cannot guarantee these preferences in their schedule due to timetabling the classes they indicate they would like.

This is not a scheduled time but students are encouraged to use this time to do homework or study their materials for their scheduled classes.  Students have access to the library and laptops/desktops available in the library to support their study time as well as benches and tables around the school for study purposes.  There may also be computer lab space available dependent on classroom bookings.