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Local Scholarships

​​​​​​​Steps to Apply for Local Scholarships

  1. Here you will find the following items under the heading Local Scholarships:
    • Scholarship Criteria by Category(PDF) – Listing the Scholarships and criteria for each one
    • Morden Collegiate Scholarship Application Form
    • Western School Division Achievement Scholarships Information and Application Form
    • Additional Local Scholarships
  2. Print off or open the Scholarship Criteria to determine which scholarships you would like to apply for and which scholarships apply to your post secondary goals
  3. Fill out the Morden Collegiate Scholarship Application Form and apply for the scholarships you would like to be considered for. The online form for these local scholarships will be open until June 15th 2021 at 4:00pm.
  4. Students can self nominate for the Western School Division Scholarships and they can also be nominated by a teacher.
  5. The Additional Local Scholarships have various deadlines and criteria. Please read through and submit applications to the scholarships you would like to be considered for.
  6. Please make sure that if you apply for scholarships that require extra information like a reference letter, that you hand in a copy of that to one of the guidance counsellors.
  7. If you are having difficulties working through this process and need some help, come to the Guidance offices (room 106) and you can ask one of the Guidance Counsellors for ​assistance.​


Scholarship Criteria by Category 2021.pdf

Morden Collegiate Scholoarship Application Form -Forms are due June 15th at 4PM

Western School Division Achievement Scholarships

The General Criteria for these Awards are:
Students will be attending post-secondary school/college (recognized & accredited training) within 18 months of graduating from Morden Collegiate Institute
Students will have contributed positively to some aspect of school life during their tenure at Morden Collegiate Institute
Students must provide a receipt of tuition paid before receiving any funds
Students may self-nominate or be nominated by staff

Academic Achievement Scholarship Criteria
Highest academic average of all core courses over four years
All graduating students will be considered for this award

Leadership Achievement Scholarship Criteria
Involvement in student council or committee work (school or community)
Involvement in/volunteering at school and/or community

Athletic Achievement Scholarship Criteria
Athletic involvement in and/or out of school
Preferably more than one activity
Demonstrates a significant time commitment to athletics
Involvement can include; participation, coaching, training, managing or teaching

Arts Achievement Scholarship Criteria
Involvement in the Arts in and/or out of school
Includes; Band, Choir, Fine Arts, Drama and Graphic Arts etc.
Preferably more than one activity/area
Involvement can include participation or teaching

Perseverance Achievement Scholarship Criteria
Recipient must have overcome significant challenges during their high school career
Recipient must submit an essay explaining the details of their situation (confidential, seen only by the Awards committee)

Application Process:
- Select the Achievement scholarship(s) that you would like to be considered for.
- Make sure to include a description of why you feel that you would be a good candidate for the scholarship(s) that you would like to be considered for.
- Hit Submit at the end of the form to finalize your application

Western School Division Achievement Scholarship Application - Forms are due June 15th at 4pm

​Additional Local Scholarships

United Way Pembina Valley Youth Scholarship - Application Deadline May 7th

The United Way has a strong heritage that values trust and integrity, volunteerism, innovation,
partnership, non-partisan leadership, and diversity as ways to improve lives and build
community. United Way’s work focusses on three key strategies; Poverty – Moving people
from poverty to possibility, Kids – Helping kids be all they can be, and Community – Building
strong and healthy communities.
United Way Pembina Valley Youth Scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who has
demonstrated social awareness and leadership through volunteer service and involvement
within their community.
The annual scholarships are valued at $1,000.00 each, with one award recipient from each of
our local high schools: Morden Collegiate Institute, Garden Valley Collegiate, and Northlands
Parkway Collegiate.

Eligibility Criteria
- The recipient should demonstrate a commitment to volunteer work and leadership
- The recipient should demonstrate social awareness and community activism
- The recipient should demonstrate financial need and plans for their funding of post
secondary education
- The recipient is planning to attend an accredited postsecondary institution
(University, College, Technical School, etc.)

*Please note that provisions may be made for an award recipient pursuing a gap year (e.g. for work or travel) after
high school prior to beginning post secondary education.

Michael Mutcheson Memorial Scholarship​ - Deadline May 12th 4pm

Michael Mutcheson lived life to the fullest. He loved athletic pursuits of many sports that he pursued. Michael knew what it was to struggle to excel; he was resourceful and worked hard for all his accomplishments. Throughout life, Michael maintained a wonderful sense of humour, energy and enthusiasm for all he undertook. Michael also was generous to those who were struggling to excel.

This scholarship fund has been established to honour the memory of Michael. To honour his memory, all business, both fund raising and granting will be done in the spirit that was Michael. Michael never forgot his roots; therefore this fund will grant to those in the Morden, Manitoba area. Michael carried with him his strong sense of community to where he settled with his beloved family; therefore this fund will grant to the youth in the Milton, Ontario area.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants will fill all the criteria listed below. The successful applicants will be chosen on the basis of the criteria listed below.

  • Applicant must be accepted into a college or university.
  • Applicant must provide an official transcript. Grades are a factor but not the sole determinate of the award.
  • Applicant must demonstrate athletic ability.
  • Applicant must be an upstanding youth role model for youth and younger children to follow.
  • Applicant should demonstrate a strong sense of community.
  • Applicant should excel in the pursuit of sports.
  • Applicant should value a sense of humour, and demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Three letters of reference, 1 each – from a teacher, coach and a community member are required.
  • Applicant must provide a one page statement of educational goals.
  • Open to both genders

MMMT Scholarship Application Form​

Morden Game & Fish Association Scholarship​Application Deadline May 31st at 4PM

The Morden Game and Fish Association will be granting a $1000 scholarship to a deserving graduate in June this year.  In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The graduate or a family member must be a member of the Morden Game & Fish.
  2. The scholarship is open to all graduates, and priority will be given to a student pursuing studies related to Environment or Conservation
  3. You must submit a letter indicating:
    1. Why you are applying?
    2. What are your career goals?
    3. Why should you be the successful candidate for the scholarship?

Morden Game and Fish Scholarship 2021.pdf​

Morden Minor Baseball Scholarship - Deadline June 9th at 4PM

Morden Minor Baseball $500.00 Scholarship is to be awarded to a student, male or female, who has participated, coached and/or officiated with Morden Minor Baseball and is continuing with post-secondary education after graduation. The recipient will have shown dedication to the sport, through skill, sportsmanship, community spirit and leadership.

Please complete the application and submit to the to the school office by June 9th 2021 at 4:00PM

Morden Minor Baseball Scholarship Application 2021.pdf

Royal Canadian Legion Morden Branch NO.11 Poppy Fund Bursary - Deadline June 11th 2021

To qualify, The applicant must:

  1. ​Be the son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter, great grandson or great granddaughter of a Veteran
  2. Must have received the required credits to complete his/her Grade 12. Please provide a photocopy of the official transcript showing your marks.
  3. ​Bursary is to be used for further education in a recognized University or College. Proof of acceptance to that University or College must be supplied.
  4. The Bursary must be used in the school term following the award. The cheque will be made payable to the University or College selected.
  5. The award is based on financial need, character, citizenship and scholastic ability.
  6. The Bursary application must be signed by the Principal (any remarks by the Principal would be considered an asset)
  7. Please submiit a copy of the acceptance to the University or College with the application
  8. The application must be handed into the Collegiate Office no later than June 11th 2021

2021 Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund.pdf

​Royal Canadian Legion Youth Programme Bursary and Scholarship - ​Due July 31st 2021

The Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command of The Royal Canadian Legion is pleased to offer Bursaries to students who can demonstrate need of assistance. These bursaries will be awarded to Manitoba students who are continuing on to higher education. To qualify for a bursary a student must have his or her place of permanent residence in Manitoba and also be one of the following: 

 a. be an ex-service member, 

b. be a son, daughter, grandchild, or great-grandchild of an ex-service member or of a deceased ex-service member. 

All questions must be answered fully or the application will not be considered. Applicant may apply for both Scholarship and Bursary Awards by fully completing both application forms. Applications must be received at the following address no later than 4:30 P.M. July 31st.

Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Command The Royal Canadian Legion 
563 St. Mary’s Road 
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 3L6