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Graduation Information

Click the zoom link below to see a recording of the slide show presented on the April 7, 2022 Grad Parent Meeting:

​Welcome to our Graduation information page.  Here we try to offer as much information regarding the graduation process for our graduating students and their families.  Below, you will find the schedule for the day of graduation.  Each fall, Morden Collegiate typically hosts an information night for parents/guardians and a graduation assembly during the day for potential graduates.  This year, due to COVID and reduction of large gatherings, this will likely look different this year.  Please stay tuned to emails from the office in regards to Graduation information sessions and how and when they will take place.  Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend this session to better understand our graduation celebration. 

If you have any questions regarding requirements to qualify for graduation, please see our Graduation Requirements under our ACADEMICS section of our website.

For further information, please feel free to contact one of our Guidance Counsellors.

Grad Day Schedule

June 27, 2022

11:00am - Research Station for private pictures with friends and families (not a school event)

1:00pm - Group photo in the school gym

3:00pm - Convocation and Scholarships

6:00pm - Banquet (Tickets are limited do to limited space)

  • Grad ticket is paid for by the school. In addition to the ticket provided, Grad families can purchase up to 3 more tickets (for parents and date/sibling/grandparent) with exceptions made for blended families who have more than two parents.  

MCI Mentorship

The MCI Mentorship program is designed for grade 11 & 12 students enrolled at Morden Collegiate to have an opportunity to give back and volunteer in classrooms supporting younger students in their learning and earning a volunteer credit (in English or French Immersion) for doing it. If you would like to apply, you can do so by submitting the application form below. 

2022 2023 Application Form - mentorship fillable.pdf

Graduation Information​

Graduate Status Check – see your guidance counsellor to make an appointment to talk about your credit status and make sure   everything is in place for you to graduate.

Apply for Scholarships – keep checking for information about scholarships.  There is information available in the daily announcements, on the school webpage and from the guidance office.