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Graduation Information

Welcome to our Graduation information page.  Here we try to offer as much information regarding the graduation process for our graduating students and their families.  Below, you will find the schedule for the day of graduation.  Each fall, Morden Collegiate typically hosts an information night for parents/guardians and a graduation assembly during the day for potential graduates.  This year, due to COVID and reduction of large gatherings, this will likley look different this year.  Please stay tuned to emails from the office in regards to Graduation information sessions and how and when they will take place.  Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend this session to better understand our graduation celebration. 

If you have any questions regarding requirements to qualify for graduation, please see our Graduation Requirements under our ACADEMICS section of our website.

For further information, please feel free to contact one of our Guidance Counsellors.

Lifetouch Grad Photos

 Lifetouch will be at our school on  May 11-14th and May 25-27th.   The photographs will be taken on the stage in the gym.  There will be only one camera set up, so only one student will be photographed at a time. There is a $25.00 session fee payable on line or at your photo session. If you are not ordering photos we would like you to  have a photo taken for the yearbook and composite. There would be no session fee for this.  Please follow the online link to book an appointment.


​Graduation Information

Graduate Status Check – see your guidance counsellor to make an appointment to talk about your credit status and make sure   everything is in place for you to graduate.

Apply for Scholarships – keep checking for information about scholarships.  There is information available in the daily announcements, on the school webpage and from the guidance office.