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Use of Technology

School Technology

​​The use of Western School Division​ devices or network falls under Western School Division's use of Technology Administrative Procedure.  Please see the Student Handbook or contact the office directly for more information.

Cell Phones on Campus

Students may use cell phones on campus before school begins and after school ends.  Students may, at the discretion of the school, use such devices during non-instructional time and during instructional time when authorized by the teacher for instructional purposes.  Unless authorized by the teacher for instruction, these devices must be kept out of sight and turned off during instructional program.  Unauthorized use of such devices disrupts the instructional program and distracts from the learning environment.  Please see school classroom teacher or contact the office for further information.  Administrative Procedure AP 4-300

Morden Collegiate has provided a "cell phone hotel" for each classroom that students are to put their phones in at the beginning of class and collect at the end of class in order to support Western School DIvision's Administrative Procedure 4-300.

Questions regarding the cell phone procedure can be directed to the MCI Administration.