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Morden Collegiate Institute
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Cafeteria 2020-21
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​Hello families and staff of Morden Collegiate Institute!
This year has come with unprecedented challenges for all of us, in many different ways, including our ability to serve our students and staff in a safe and controlled manner. With that being said, in order to follow Covid-19 protocol and restrictions, we have restructured the way our Cafeteria service will operate throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Currently, we will be offering pre-bagged lunches that will be available to order through our school website, where students or parents and caregivers will have the ability to pay directly online!

The lunches will then be delivered directly to the student in their C-Block class, before the lunch break begins!

The bagged lunch will include, a sandwich (of the student's choosing from our offerings), a bowl of soup (of the student's choosing from our offerings) and a juice box or bag of chips, all at a $6.00 price point.

We are looking forward to expanding our menu in the near future, as we work with this learning curve and familiarize ourselves with this new normal!

We are so excited to be back and look forward to this year's coming developments!
For any questions or concerns, please email Hailey ( β€‹

Welcome to the online cafeteria ordering form! Please ensure you complete this form fully, before the end of your A period class! All meals will be delivered directly following your C-block classes! **Please have your pre-paid meal ticket ready upon delivery.** (Online Payment coming soon!)​​


​​Cafeteria online order form​