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Morden Collegiate Institute
Libertas per veritatem - Freedom through knowledge

​​​​Here at Morden Collegiate we value health living and healthy lifestyles.   Participation in organized sport plays an important role in exercise but also promotes a strong sense of belonging and overall wellness. 

Each year in June, Morden Collegiate honours our athletes with our Athletic Award Assembly.  

Awards given are:

  • Coaches Awards: Awarded to a JV or Varsity player who is nominated by their coach.
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP Award): Awarded to the most valuable player on a Varsity Team
  • Minor Athletic Award: Awarded to Grade 9 or 10 students who participated in at least 3 sports and meet a list of criteria
  • Major Athletic Award: Awarded to Grade 11 or 12 students who participated in at least 3 sports and meet a list of criteria
  • Female and Male Athlete of the Year: Awarded by Athletic Department


Morden Collegiate is a member of the Manitoba High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and students participate in AAA Zone 4 competition and may earn their way to compete in both Zone and Provincial finals.  Some sports offer both Varsity or Junior Varsity while others may offer only one team.  Please see each individual sport for details on teams and try-outs.

Click below to link to the MHSAA athletic calendar of games in all athletics.

MHSAA Calendar

Students​​​​​​​ can apply for support for Athletic fees through KidSport​