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Student Response Plan

Interventions for Student Success

If it is determined that a student is not learning at a level appropriate to the student's abilities and needs in a course, the following minimum series of interventions will take place:

  • The teacher will meet with the student to discuss the concern and identify the problem(s).
  • The teacher will work with the student (and/or parent) and will involve other school staff when required, to develop a plan of action to return the student to an appropriate level of success in the course.


Parents will be notified of and involved in plans made by teachers or school teams to support their children in the following situations:

  • ​When a student is in danger of failing a credit (achieving less than 50% in a course) 
  • When a teacher or school team feels that the plan of action will require additional support from home.


The teacher (or team) will monitor learning changes after the plan is implemented, through informal and formal observations and assessments.  

Student progress will be communicated to the parents by the teacher.