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Student Initiated Credits

​​​​​​​​​​​​Credit for Employment/Credit d' Emploi

Because students can gain valuable skills development and experience through on-the-job work experience, the Credit for Employment (CFE) credit is available to provide students with the opportunity to earn up to 2.0 high school credits for paid employment. CFE can enrich students’ understanding of the relevance of education and the importance of developing career readiness.

The CFE offers students who are a minimum of 16 years of age the opportunity to earn a high school credit in the context of responsible work in an authentic paid work environment where they can develop essential and employability skills and apply health and safety awareness to the workplace. 

By locating and participating in paid employment, students will have an opportunity to apply and refine the knowledge and skills they acquired in the Manitoba Education and Training Career Development Life/Work courses. Furthermore, the CFE option will provide students with valuable workplace experience and employer feedback on their performance that will contribute to their career/life planning.

To be eligible to participate in the CFE option, a student must either complete a minimum of a half-credit (0.5) Career Development Life/Work course prior to registering for the CFE, or he or she must complete a minimum of a half-credit (0.5) Career Development Life/Work course while completing a CFE. The second requirement  is the student must be in Grade 11, or at least 16 years old.

If you are interested in registering for a Credit for Employment/Credit d' Emploi please fill out the following form: Credit for Employment/Credit d' Emploi Registration​

Community Service Student-Initiated Project (CSSIP) 

The CSSIP credit option enables students who make a contribution to their community by volunteering for worthwhile causes or organizations to receive recognition for the civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes obtained in the volunteer activity.​

A student is required to complete a minimum of 110 hours of volunteer activity for a full credit, or 55 hours for a half credit.  A student may earn a maximum of 1 credit over their entire Senior Years program, and this credit can be applied to the 30 credits required for Graduation purposes. The credit can be at the 11G, 21G, 31G or 41G and will be based upon the age, level of civic skills, knowledge and attitudes obtained by the student in the community service activity.  The school will evaluate 
the community service activity prior to the commencement of the activity and confirmed by the school upon completion of the community service activity.
This credit can be completed in an English language of instruction (Community Service Student-Initiated Project (CSSIP)), or in French (Projet proposé par l'élève pour le service communautaire (PPESC)). Please make sure to indicate through your registration which credit you are going to be working towards.​​

If you are interested in registering for a CSSIP/PPESC credit please fill out the form below

CSSIP/PPESC Registration Form​