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Student turning 18


​​On their 18th birthday the school is obligated to provide students with a form letter as per Section 42.3(2) of the Public Schools Act. This section deals with the consent of adult pupil and states: "The school board shall not disclose to a parent the pupil file of his or her child who has reached the age of majority without first obtaining the consent of the pupil"

  1. If a student gives Morden Collegiate permission to release information then information will be passed to parents as has been done in the past.  Also parents are required to continue to call the school to excuse student absences.

  2. If a student does not give Morden Collegiate permission to release information then only the student will be given information about attendance, marks, etc.  It becomes the obligation of the student to call and excuse themselves and to provide parents/guardians with information about marks, attendance, etc.  Students cannot abuse the fact that they can excuse themselves as they are still accountable for the attendance policy.​

It is important to note that if a student does not give Morden Collegiate to release information, the school cannot call home to inform parents/guardians that the student has said no.​

Please find the consent form below.

18 form.pdf​​​​