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Morden Collegiate Institute
Libertas per veritatem - Freedom through knowledge

​​Morden Collegiate and Western School Division have partnered with myBlueprint to provide students with access to an online portfolio program.  This online program also provides students an opportunity to plan out their High School journey and discover careers and jobs that fit their personality and interests. Click on the myBlueprint logo to access thier login page, and if you need help signing up and registering follow the link. If you have any questions, stop by room 106 and speak to one of the Guidance Counsellors.


How to create an account

1. Go to the web address – 

2. Go to Sign Up and select school as Morden Collegiate. If it asks you for an activation code please enter Morden 

3. Select that you are a student, and enter what grade you are in. Then hit continue. 


4.Enter your student number (Manitoba Education & Training number) followed by your date of birth. 

5. Enter your email as your school login and use your computer password.  


If you have any problems with this process please speak to one of your Guidance Counsellors

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