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Grade 9 School Supply List


Students only need to bring “Basic Supplies" and any additional supplies below specific to courses indicated on their timetables for semester one. They can bring these supplies on their orientation afternoon Sept 6th to place in their lockers.

Basic Supplies:

- Pencil sharpener     

- USB                                  

- post it notes

- 1 pkg binder dividers                               

 - 400 sheets of loose-leaf​/coil lined notebooks (200pgs/class)

- graph paper       

- good supply of pens and pencils         ​

- pencil crayons                                            

 - ruler

- highlighters                                                 

 - scientific calculator

- shorts/sweatpants                                   

 - t-shirt    

- deodorant                                                   

 - runners with non-marking soles

- change of clothes

- Water Bottle

- binder(s) to organize class notes/tests/assignments. (one large or one/class)

- Fine-tip black markers

- Coloured Markers

- Dictionary and Thesaurus

Morden Collegiate is a scent aware school.  Please refrain from using cologne/perfume/body sprays at school.


Visual Art:

- sketchbook                                                

 - one 3B pencil

- One 6B pencil                                            

 - white eraser.

Supply fee: $15.00 payable to Morden Collegiate.



Instrument Rental Fees: The following instruments are available for rent from the band department for a fee of $150.00/year:  tuba, euphonium, baritone saxophone, French horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, and oboe.  A limited number of flutes, clarinets, trumpets, alto saxophones, and tenor saxophones are available for rent for the same price (first come, first serve), although it is recommended that the student's family either rent or purchase these instruments from a reputable musical instrument retailer.

Percussion User Fees: A percussion user fee of $40.00/year will be assessed to each percussion student to help offset the cost of percussion instrument maintenance and mallet replacement.

Financial Assistance:  All students, regardless of family income, should have the opportunity to participate in band.  Financial assistance can range from flexible payment plans for fees, to fee reductions, to fee waivers—there are many options.  Please contact the band director with any requests.

Supplies: Brass—valve oil, slide grease; Woodwinds—reeds, reed guard, swab, cork grease, neck strap, cleaning cloth, and cleaning rod.


Food & Nutrition:

students will receive a supply list in class

Supply fee: $20.00 Payable to Morden Collegiate


Textile, Art & Design:

Supply fee: $20.00 Payable to Morden Collegiate

Students will receive a supply list in class​

Students in this class will also be expected purchase fabric and supplies for a hoodie sewing project. Amount needed will depend on the size, and will be discussed in class. ​

Woodworking Technology:

- tape measure                                 

- safety glasses (non-tinted)

- drawing compass 

Supply fee: $20.00 made payable to École Morden Middle School

 Printable PDF: Grade 9 supply list 2023-24.pdf