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1 Academy Drive, Morden, MB, R6M 1Z4
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Minnewasta School

Teacher: Mrs. Thwaites

The school counsellor is a member of the student services team which works to support students, parents, and staff.  The school counsellor's role includes:

  • Assist students to develop strategies to cope with social/emotional/behaviour needs
  • Work with students in an individual, small group or whole class setting to work on social/emotional strategies
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan and support student learning
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to implement Career Development for students
  • Consult and collaborate with student services team to implement programming and supports for students
  • Work with parents to support their child's learning through the use of resources as well as school and community programs
  • Consult with community agencies to support students and families
  • Provide training and student support for the Conflict Managers Program
  • Collaborate with student services team to organize Keen Ridge Program (Equine Therapy)​​