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Minnewasta School

We can't do it without volunteers!  Volunteers help out with a variety of duties at Minnewasta School.  As a volunteer you might be able to help a teacher who has routine tasks, help in the library​ once in a while, or attend a one-time field trip to assist with supervision.  Whatever your interest and availability, we will try to find a place where you can help out!

Our PAC is also often looking for volunteers to help with the organization of events such as Hot Lunch.  They send home a survey each fall asking what kinds of jobs you might be willing to help out with but you can get in touch with them any time during the year as well.


A Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check are required in order to volunteer in any of the schools.

A letter of volunteerism is available at the Division Office to take with you to the police station for your criminal record check to be completed free of charge.
The completed criminal record check needs to be returned to the Division Office prior to your name being added to the volunteer list. The Child Abuse Registry form can be completed at the Division Office. This just needs to be in process (paper filled out and left at the Division Office) before you will be on the approved volunteer list.

Every year, following your Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry check, a volunteer declaration needs to be filled out in order for your checks to stay valid. These forms can be filled out at the School office. If you miss signing a volunteer declaration for a year, new checks will need to be completed before being able to volunteer in the school.