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1 Academy Drive, Morden, MB, R6M 1Z4
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Minnewasta School
Physical Education

Teacher: Mr. Turnbull

Greetings parents,

Here at Minnewasta School we strive to provide your child with an exciting and rewarding Physical Education program.  Physical Education has proven to be an essential phase in children's physical and social development and we are committed to giving the students the best instruction possible.

The aim of the Physical Education program here at Minnewasta School is to develop and improve students' personal fitness and motor skills by providing developmentally appropriate activates through purposeful, creative and enjoyable lessons.  Students will participate in a variety of challenging yet attainable tasks while developing a positive attitude towards physical activity and movement.

Every child is expected to participate to the best of their ability each day they attend class unless otherwise specified in a note from a parent or doctor.

If you have any questions and would like to get in contact with me the best way is via email.