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1 Academy Drive, Morden, MB, R6M 1Z4
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Minnewasta School

Teacher: Mr. Tilley

Music is vital to human life; no culture in the world exists without music. 

It has the power to illuminate, deepen, broaden, and enhance human experience. Music and musicians have an impact on daily experience, help define and express individual and collective identities, and shape, reflect, and comment upon societal and cultural values. 

Music is an important part of every student's education and contributes to deep and enduring student engagement that leads to learning success. Music education develops unique, powerful, and multiple ways of perceiving, interpreting, knowing, representing, and communicating understandings about self and the world.  

Minnewasta school students are exposed to a wide variety of musical experiences including singing, movement, drama and instrumental play. Through these experiences they discover their singing voice, develop basic music literacy skills, cultivate curiosity and creativity, and have a lot of fun! 

At all levels, students are encouraged to grow in the areas of: 

Music Language and Performance Skills

  • Understand and perform rhythm, beat, melody, some music theory.
  • Sing expressively
  • Read and write grade appropriate rhythmic and melodic patterns. 

Creative Expression in Music

  • Understand dynamics (loud and soft), performing
  • Show creativity 

Understanding Music in Context

  • Listen to and develop an awareness of cultures, music styles and genres
  • Develop an understanding of the roles and purposes of music 

Valuing Musical Experience

  • Show an interest and curiosity in music
  • Show an engagement in music
  • Participate in music learning experiences
  • Discuss and analyze music