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1 Academy Drive, Morden, MB, R6M 1Z4
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Parking at Minnewasta

March 23, 2020

Parking Information for Minnewasta School:

We realize parking is limited at the school during pick up/drop off times, but please do not park in the staff parking stalls. We have staff that come and go throughout the day that require these parking spaces.

When busses are in the bus loop in the morning or after school, please do not walk your child through the bus loop or allow your child to cross alone through bus loop. The busses have blind spots where they are unable to see children and adults and this is a huge safety concern whether they are parked or moving. Use sidewalks only.

A  reminder that the handicap parking spot in front of the school is designated and used every day. We do have people who do require this space, so please refrain from parking there even if the space is open. 

Please do not double park in the staff parking lot during drop off and pick up. We ask that if you cannot park along the side walk in the staff parking lot, that you please park on the street and get out and walk your child/ren across to the sidewalk. Students have also been instructed that they are not to cross the street or parking lot on their own and need to wait for a parent/guardian to come and pick them up from the front of the school. This is for the safety of everyone. Kindergarten pick up and drop off at noon – you are also welcome to use the bus loop as well.

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