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Western School Division
Local Voices for Local Choices


​​Every four years we have the opportunity to participate in local civic elections, including the election of a local school board. We sometimes forget the incredible significance of this democratic opportunity.
It means that we elect and empower LOCAL VOICES (people from our community, people we know and trust) to guide LOCAL CHOICES (to shape the values and directions of our local schools). Having a local board determine the mission and core values of ​WSD schools, and having a local board which can set a budget that reflects our community’s priorities is a privilege we should not take for granted.

People like YOU have created amazing initiatives​!

Piping Trades Program

Innovation Grants

Student Leadership Forum

Diversity Mini-Option Day for All Staff

Budget Exhibition

Culture and Leadership Teams

Project Based Learning 

Literacy, Numeracy and French Coaches​

Itinerant Substitute Teachers

Extension of the French Immersion Program