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Unit 4 - 75 Thornhill Street, Morden, MB, R6M 1P2
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Western School Division


The administrative team consists of the Assistant Superintendent and the Student Services Administrator.

The primary responsibility of the administrative team is to organize supports for students in the division. In doing so, the administrative team collaborates with school principals, school support teams, parents, as well as relevant outside agencies to provide appropriate educational programming for each student.


Resource Teachers

Resource Teachers provide support to students and teachers, to help students meet their learning goals. Resource teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to address the diverse learning needs of their students, in an inclusive learning environment. Resource Teachers support the planning for and implementation of appropriate educational programming. If you feel that your child may need extra support in school and would like to connect with a Resource Teacher, please refer to the staff listing on your child's school's website.


Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors work as part of the Student Services team to enhance and promote student learning. Guidance Counsellors facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional, and career development of students in schools and in the community. School Guidance Counsellors provide preventative, developmental, and intervention services within educational settings and facilitate referrals to community resources. If you feel that your child may need extra support in school and would like to connect with a Guidance Counsellor, please refer to the staff listing on your child's school's website.



Psychologists in Western School Division provide services including:

  1. Assessing individual student needs, challenges and strengths to determine levels of intellectual, social emotional and behavioural functioning and reporting results to school staff, families and clinicians in the child's circle of care.
  2. Helping school staff identify teaching strategies that will successfully support academic learning and positive classroom behaviour.
  3. Demonstrating small group and classroom level interventions to promote development of social and emotional intelligence.
  4. Providing training for and consulting with school staff, parents and clinicians about the mental health needs of children and adolescents.
  5. Conducting risk assessments, as part of the crisis team, in order to determine degree of risk for harm to self and others, which will assist in guiding the team's next steps.


Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-Language Pathologists work within a consultative-collaborative model to provide a range of services for students.  These services include:

  1. Screening, assessment, and intervention for students with speech, language and communication needs
  2. Consultation and training to support families, teachers, and other members of the educational support team.

Speech-Language Pathologists work to improve the overall communication and academic success of students.



Coaches work collaboratively with teachers in their classrooms through lesson demonstrations and/or co-teaching using effective research-based teaching strategies. Coaches may also help in the planning of lessons outside the classroom, and may provide professional learning opportunities for staff.  The team of coaches include:

  1. Literacy Coach
  2. Numeracy Coach
  3. French Language Coach
  4. New Teacher Support


Home School Liaison Workers​

Home School Liaison workers assist in the successful integration of students into our school system. They also support families in connecting to, or accessing resources. Home School Liaisons act as a support to families as they facilitate a cooperative relationship with the school.