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Western School Division
Divisional Staff Directory
Administrative Staff ​ ​ ​

​Mr Stephen Ross



​Ms Cyndy Kutzner​Assistant Superintendent​
​Mr Carl Pedersen​Secretary/Treasurer​
​Mr Allan Toews​Supervisor of Operations​
​Ms Kathryn Reimer​Human Resources Manager​


​Ms Sara Convery​Speech and Language Pathologist​
​Ms Colleen Doerksen​Psychologist​
​Ms Kari Dyck​Speech and Language Pathologist​
​Ms Ginette Pritchard​Speech and Language Pathologist​
​Ms Laura Sander​​Psychologist​
Teaching Support
​Ms Kathy Harness​Instructional Support Teacher204-822-4448​
​Ms Darlene Keith​Literacy Coach​
​Ms Korina Peters​Numeracy Coach​
​Ms Gisele Rondeau​French Language Support Teacher​
Support Staff ​ ​ ​
​Mr Denis Bazin​Administrative Assistant​
​Ms Melissa Bond​Accounts Payable​
​Ms Melissa Bond​Substitute Booking Clerk​
​Ms Crystal Dyck​Payroll/Accounting​
​Ms April Neufeld​Administrative Assistant​
Division Wide Staff ​ ​ ​
​Ms Nicole Frandsen​Learning Resource Centre Coordinator​
Ms Barbara Penner​International Education Coordinator​
​Ms Betty Peters​Home/School Liaison​
​Mr Parviz Salimi​Information Technology Director​
​Ms Rosemary Zahn​Home/School Liaison​