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The novel Wishtree by Katherine Applegate is an inspirational story about acceptance, about building community amongst people who are different and about celebrating friendship.  The story revolves around a large oak tree, which becomes a wish tree.  The idea of a “wish tree" comes from an old Irish tradition of the “Rag Tree".  People would write their wishes or hopes on pieces of cotton and attach them to a hawthorn tree or bush in hopes that it would come true.  The tradition usually took place on May first or beginning of May.

 There have been many other versions of a “wish tree", including other stories and books written about other “wish trees".  What all the stories and books have in common is hope.  People all come together in search of hope; they write down their fears, their concerns, their wishes, their dreams and attach them to a tree with the belief that maybe, just maybe they will find what they are searching for.

 If there was ever a time when we needed to come together as a community in hope, it is now.  Hope gives us something positive to focus on, to look forward to.  Enjoy the different stories about wish tree's as a family and take some time to write down your hopes and dreams, and your wishes for the future.

 It is in times like these, when we should be like our friends the trees.

  “Stand tall, and reach deep" – Katherine Applegate