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225-12th Street, Morden, MB, R6M 1Z3
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Maple Leaf Elementary School
Supply Lists






   Please LABEL

1     pair white soled runners (if your child cannot tie shoes, please do not send lace ups) 

      (compulsory, to remain at school) (labelled)

1     backpack (large enough to hold letters, library books, artwork, ski-pants, etc.) (labelled)

1     water bottle (labelled)


In order to keep costs down and equitable for all families, Western School Division is working towards an Equity Policy for Student Supplies. 

Western School Division Trustees agreed in principle to move towards an Equity Policy

The first step of moving towards equity involves the standardization of a fee for K‐8 school supplies.  The Board has agreed to pay for the Transportation fee for all students. 

The following are Student Supply Fees for 2023-24

Kindergarten Fees - $15.00 after Jan. 1/24

Grades 1-4 - $25.00 after Jan. 1/24​

Please send correct amount for student supplies on the first day of classes.  We accept cash, cheque and e-transfers.  Please note that our preferred way of payment is by an e-transfer.

FOR CHEQUES: please make cheques payable to Maple Leaf School.  

If you have more than one child in this school, we request separate cheques for each child's fees - If this is not an option, please include all student names with  homeroom teacher on the memo line and PAY AT THE OFFICE.


E-TRANFERS:  For e-transfers, please use the email address: 

Please note that there is no longer a security question – all e-transfers will automatically be deposited into our account.  

Please include your child(s) name and teacher(s).