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Maple Leaf Elementary School
French Immersion

​​We have a K-4 French Immersion strand with students learning in French with the exception of English Language Arts from Gr. 1 to 4.  Kindergarten and Gr. 1 are both focused on French oral language acquisition.  Kindergarten students receive instruction in French.  Formal French reading instruction begins in Grade 2 in this program but formal English reading instruction begins in Grade 1. 

There is a comprehensive document available at   with more information on this.  The students receive English Language Arts, Français, Mathématiques, Sciences de la Nature, Science Humaines, Musique, l'Éducation Physique and l'Éducation à la Santé. (English Language Arts, French Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education and Health.  (Visual Art is integrated into other subject areas.) 

Our French Immersion program is available to all students as they begin school but we need them to start in Kindergarten or by Spring Break of ​​​Grade One.  Our division does not offer late start French Immersion.  Only very rarely with much consideration and under unique circumstances would we transfer someone from the English Program to the French Immersion program after this point.    

In our younger grades we have 2 classes of about 23 or more  students and they can now move right through to high school in French Immersion and receive their diploma.