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200-30 Stephen Street, Morden, MB, R6M 2G3
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Morden Adult Education Centre
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The Morden Adult Education Centre offers a continuous intake and output registration program.  This allows our students the flexibility to learn and complete their courses at their own pace.  Although it may take more than one year to complete their educational goals, it is expected that all individual courses started must be completed within that school year.
            Keeping this in mind, the M.A.E.C. has the following course registration expectations of all registered students:
1.At least one course registered for must have been started and a module completed within one month of the registration start date.  Failure to do so will result in automatic withdrawal.
2.The M.A.E.C. requests that courses started be completed.  Our continued viability depends on it!
3.Courses started in the school calendar year must be completed with that school year.
4.Students taking courses using a classroom delivery model are required to attend regularly and adhere to all assignment deadlines.
5.Once you have begun a course and decide you longer want to continue, please inform the Centre of your intention to discontinue.
6.A two-month period of inactivity will be seen as intent not to continue.  Students will be withdrawn at this time and written notification will be sent.