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200-30 Stephen Street, Morden, MB, R6M 2G3
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Morden Adult Education Centre
About MAEC
​The Morden Adult Education Centre is designed to be an alternative to regular high school for mature students. Individuals over the age of 19 who have not completed their High school diploma​ are eligible to work towards a Manitoba Mature High School Diploma. This mature alternative diploma​ is made up of 8 credits total. 4 can be from any level and 4 must be at the grade 12 level, including compulsory courses in Mathematics and English. 

MAEC is very different from regular High School.  The centre strives to provide a positive environment in which to complete secondary school or to upgrade previous education.  The atmosphere is relaxed and respectful.  The students take full responsibility for their education.  Students establish their own schedules upon registration.  Therefore it is up to them to honor the commitment they made to themselves.