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Manitoba Mature Student Diploma

For mature students an alternative route to graduation is available. The Senior 1 to Senior 4 Mature Student Graduation Requirements (2003) sets out the requirements for the Mature Student High School Diploma. Manitoba Education and Youth and Manitoba Advanced Education and Training, with their commitment to lifelong learning, believe that it is important for adults to have additional opportunities to graduate from Senior Years.

At the Morden Adult Education Centre we strive to make those additional opportunities accessible to adults in our community and the surrounding area by providing a flexible learning environment that acknowledges the additional life responsibilities that come along with being an adult learner.

Mature Student High School Diploma Registration Requirements:

1.     The mature student must be 19 years of age at the time of registration or attain 19 years of age prior to completing the course[s] for which they are registering.

2.     The mature student must have been out of school completely for six months or more and have been out of school long enough for the class of which they were last a member to have graduated.

3.     To be eligible for the mature student diploma you must complete eight high school credits. Four credits must be at the Grade 12 level and include Math and English. Four credits can be from Grade 9 thru Grade 12 and may be applied retroactively with proof of completion from a valid High School transcript.

4.     No person can claim automatic right to a mature student diploma solely on the basis of courses previously credited in high school.