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Local Scholarships

​​​​​​​Morden Collegiate offers access to many school based scholarships.  These are applied for through one form which is available in the guidance office or through the link below in May of each year. 

Local community based scholarships are also available.  Please see the list below for application information.


School Scholarships


Above average academic achievement and a superior attitude are the major criteria considered by teachers as they nominate individuals for subject area recognition. The philosophy adhered to is that recognition be given to as many students as possible. Scholarships, subject certificates and bursaries are made possible by the Collegiate, Morden & area businesses and community groups.


The SpiritAward is intended to recognize the students who have put in their time and energy to make school activities successful. This may be through their leadership, enthusiasm, and/or commitment and involvement to bringing these events to a successful conclusion. The Spirit Award recognizes involvement in the many school activities that contribute to school life and atmosphere.


Four Senior (Grade 11 & 12 ) and four Junior (Grade 9 & 10) MeritAwards are presented to students for outstanding involvement in school activities outside of athletics.


The Physical Education Department awards a number of athletic awards to students involved in team and individual athletics. Minor athletic crests are awarded to deserving Grade 9 & 10 students and major athletic crests to deserving Grade 11&12 students. Each year trophies are awarded to the top female and male athletes of the year. Medals are awarded to zone and provincial athletic winners.


The General ProficiencyAward is presented to a Grade 12 student who has exemplified academic proficiency, student leadership, and significant involvement in school activities. This overall contribution will have had a positive impact on the school environment. The General ProficiencyAward is acknowledged through the presentation of a certificate and a cash award of $500.00.

The Grade 12 Academic, Spirit and Merit Awards are presented at graduation.

Note: Revision of policies/procedures may occur throughout the school year. Prior to implementation, discussions will occur with students and parents.

  • The Western School Division Awards
    • Academic
    • Arts
    • Athletic
    • Leadership
    • Perseverance

Local Scholarship Application Form.  Click Here​ .

Western School Division Achievement Awards Click Here.

Scholarship Criteria. Scholarship Criteria by Category 2020.pdf

Western School Division Scholarship Criteria - WSD Scholarship Criteria.pdf

Steps to Apply for Local Scholarships

  1. Go to  
  2. Under the Guidance and Academics heading, go to Scholarships
  3. Go to the sub heading Local Scholarships
  4. Here you will find the following items bolded in red under the heading Local Scholarships:
    1. Scholarship Criteria(PDF) – Listing the Scholarships and criteria for each one
    2. Morden Collegiate Scholarship Application Form
    3. Western School Division Scholarship Application Form
  5. Print off or open the Scholarship Criteria to determine which scholarships you would like to apply for and which scholarships apply to your post secondary goals
  6. Fill out the Morden Collegiate Scholarship Application Form and apply for the scholarships you would like to be considered for.
  7. Students can self nominate for the Western School Division Scholarships and they can also be nominated by a teacher.
  8. Please make sure that if you apply for scholarships that requires extra information like a reference letter, that you hand in a copy of that to the office or scan and email it to Mr. Sloan(
  9. If you are having difficulties working through this process and need some help, you can ask one of the Guidance Counsellors for assistance.
  10. If you do not have access to internet, there will be paper copies available for you at the school. They will be in a package that will include information and applications for all local scholarships. You will need to drop off the completed forms to the main office.
  11. All online Forms and paper copies of scholarship applications need to be submitted by Friday June 5th at 4:00 pm. ​

Local/Community Scholarships

 Locally Provided Scholarships Requiring a Specific Application

(Aside from our local one-page application.)