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Minnewasta School
Parent Advisory Council

Minnewasta Parent Advisory Council

Minnewasta School has an active Parent Advisory Council that meets on the ​second Tuesday of most months at 7:00 p.m. to support and advise the school.  Check the school newsletter for exact dates.

PAC Goals

To find ways to welcome parents into the Minnewasta School and the Parent Advisory Council. To promote Minnewasta School Spirit. To host educational presentations on topics for children and parents.

Parent Advisory Council - Executive membership 2019-2020

General Executive Members:

President - Carla Olusola

Vice President - Garth Derksen

Secretary - Rhonda Plett

Treasurer - Kari Unger

​Fundraiser Coordinator - Tiffany Peters

Principal - Geoff Sutton

Vice-Principal - Jenn Kroetsch


Minnewasta Parent Advisory Council

Welcome to all the families in our school.  The Minnewasta Parent Advisory Council is a parents' link to the school.  It is a way to involve parents in school activities, to work alongside the principal on school issues, to promote community involvement and to ask questions regarding school issues.

Our council is an organization of fathers, mothers and teachers designed:

  • ​to stand for progress in the neighbourhood

  • to create public opinion necessary for educational progress

  • to arouse a community sense of responsibility for its most precious asset -- our children


It provides parents with an opportunity to better understand the purpose and methods of the school and to keep abreast of the advances of modern education. Last but not least, its purpose is educational.  The council does not seek to direct the administrative activities in the schools, control their policies or provide a clearinghouse for personal grievances.


Council Activities:

Below are a few of our activities:

  • distribute and collate the fall volunteer survey
  • purchase of gym, classroom and outdoor equipment and playground toys, and extra teaching resources or supplies
  • presentation of books to school family's newborn babies
  • operation of staff appreciation week with a luncheon and dainties throughout the month of February
  • discussions on school curriculum
  • ​maintenance of a council bulletin board located by the school office


So what are we?  We are a support system for the parents to help the teachers give our children the best education they can get.  So please, when asked, volunteer to help our school, and if possible, come to Minnewasta Parent Advisory Meetings.  We need parents' views on where we should be heading with our school.