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Minnewasta School
Student Services


Teachers: Mrs. Kroetsch and Mrs. Murray

At Minnewasta School, the child, parents/guardians, and the classroom teacher make up the core team. The core team is supported by the resource teacher through a consultative –collaborative model. Resource teachers may support teachers, parents/guardians, and students in the following ways:

  • Support and assist the classroom teacher in planning & developing appropriate learning opportunities for all students
  • Respond to classroom teacher's request for involvement and consult to clarify concerns, strengths, and strategies attempted in regards to student needs
  • Provide short-term intervention sessions through various means such as co-teaching and modelling lessons
  • Observe and assess student(s) both formally and informally
  • Monitor the implementation of student support plans and progress
  • Consult and make formal referrals to support services, both within the division and community (e.g. SLP, OT/PT, Audiology, How Does Your Engine Run, and Children's disABILITY)
  • May act as case manager (facilitate meetings, develop IEPs/BIPs in consultation with classroom teachers as necessary, maintain student resource files)
  • Participate in IEP and other team meetings
  • In consultation with school administrator, assign & coordinate EA timetables, orient & train EAs


Teacher: Mrs. Thwaites

The school counsellor is a member of the student services team which works to support students, parents, and staff.  The school counsellor's role includes:

  • Assist students to develop strategies to cope with social/emotional/behaviour needs
  • Work with students in an individual, small group or whole class setting to work on social/emotional strategies
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan and support student learning
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to implement Career Development for students
  • Consult and collaborate with student services team to implement programming and supports for students
  • Work with parents to support their child's learning through the use of resources as well as school and community programs
  • Consult with community agencies to support students and families
  • Provide training and student support for the Conflict Managers Program
  • Collaborate with student services team to organize Keen Ridge Program (Equine Therapy)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

​Teacher: Mrs. Barrett

​Minnewasta School welcomes all students!  They may be from differing first-language backgrounds and they may have varying amounts of education in their first language.  To integrate newcomers into our school, Minnewasta School aims to provide support for learning English.  This includes supporting the classroom teachers with programming for individuals; whether it is instruction in a sheltered classroom for the very beginning language learners or it is co-teaching for successful inclusion with their peers in their classroom. Support is also provided with EAL resources.  Many dual language books, websites, articles, games and teaching strategies are gathered and discussed as individual needs necessitate.  Collaboration with school-based and divisional services help reinforce that each individual is valued and provided with opportunities to develop to their potential.