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Frequently Asked Questions

January 02, 2018
​ How are bus drivers trained? All school bus drivers must receive a minimum of 24 hours of instruction prior to operating a school bus carrying passengers and a minimum of eight hours in-service training during each school year. A person who is certified as a School Bus Driver Instructor by...

Disciplinary Process

January 02, 2018
​ The principal of a school, whose students are being transported in the school bus, has disciplinary authority over the conduct of the students. Misbehaviour On Bus Will Be Dealt With As Per The Following Guidelines: 1.  The first time the principal receives a report on a student from the bus...

Transportation Overview

January 02, 2018
​ Western School Division transportation statistics: Fourteen regular routes carrying over 850 students and traveling approximately 275,000 kilometres per year. Eighteen buses and twenty-five regular and spare drivers are available for regular routes and school activity field trips. Buses are serviced at a facility shared with Garden Valley School Division. Three mechanics...